A guiding hand

and practical support

for your Fundraising

Do any of these scenarios apply to you or your charity?

We are a small charity with limited resources and don’t have a dedicated fundraiser.

I can review your charity’s fundraising activities and recommend solutions to help build a sustainable fundraising plan.


I can provide training and/or mentoring support on fundraising areas you wish to invest in and build in simple ways to measure their effectiveness.

We are a growing charity but need fundraising direction to ensure long term sustainability.

I will carry out an audit on your current approach to fundraising including activities, messaging, expenditure and income.


And develop a sustainable fundraising strategy, provide coaching and practical hands on support to manage your fundraising mix.

We are a well-established charity and would like to develop new areas of fundraising.

I will work with you to develop an understanding of what has worked for your charity and what hasn’t worked.


I can also help you explore new fundraising methods and audiences and write this in to your fundraising strategy. I am also available to help deliver fundraising projects and measure their return on investment.


"I really love helping charities of all causes and sizes grow and become more successful in their fundraising. For each organisation I work with, I feel committed to their work and bringing about positive changes that will help them sustain and develop their charitable services. It's all about the end user for me."